RH Fuel Injection Throttle Bodies for Corvair Engines other than turbos

RH EFI installed on a 102 HP engine

A complete system with a wide band oxygen sensor can be assembled for about $2,500 plus shipping.



These throttle bodies use the original throttle linkage crossbar and air filter.




Left side linkage



Right side linkage



Ports are provided for both ported and manifold vacuum



Grooves are provided for Viton O-rings which are used instead of gaskets for better sealing


The Black Hawk Engineering RH EFI Throttle Body replaces the Rochester H and HV carburetors used on all non-turbocharged Corvair engines. The throttle bodies bolt on to the cylinder heads with socket head cap screws. No head modifications are required except removal of the original carburetor studs. The throttle bodies have a 1.31" bore to fit the cylinder head carburetor bores. The EFI system produces better fuel economy despite generating slightly more power.

For a 140 engine (112 HP net), Engine Analyzer predicts 116 HP using four 1.31" throttle bodies in place of 1.25" carburetors. I suggest using four 17 lbs/hr fuel injectors. With headers Engine Analyzer predicts 134 HP so 20 lbs/hr fuel injectors would be appropriate. The injectors all squirt below the throttle plates, so you do not have to worry about coordinating the second set of injectors with the opening of the secondary throttle bodies.

For a 110 engine (90 HP net), Engine Analyzer predicts 98 HP using two 1.31" throttle bodies in place of 1.25" carburetors. I suggest using two 30 lbs/hr fuel injectors.

For a 95 engine (78 HP net), Engine Analyzer predicts 84 HP using two 1.31" throttle bodies in place of 1.25" carburetors. I suggest using two 26 lbs/hr fuel injectors.

Most Bosch style fuel injectors will fit.

Read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

The parts list with vendors and prices for a full system is here.

The installation procedure is here.

The initial installation used a MegaSquirt control computer to control the fuel injectors. See www.msefi.com/ for details about the control computer. Other fully-programmable controllers like Simple Digital Systems, www.sdsefi.com/, could also be used.

While I can provide a set of tuning files as a starting point, you really have to consider tuning a do-it-yourself project. The good news is that it is easy. For MegaSquirt I, data from a wide band oxygen sensor is collected on a laptop computer while driving, evaluated with a software program and the tuning table entries are adjusted by the program. With MegaSquirt II and MicroSquirt, the adjustments can be made automatically within the MegaSquirt controller.


Two prototype throttle bodies mounted on a 140 cylinder head.



Two prototype throttle bodies with short tops designed to fit under the engine cover of the Deserter GS kit car.



A see-thru image created in SolidWorks

Fuel Injector Mounting Blocks for Corvair Engines

Single Injector Mounting Blocks use the original carburetors as throttle plates

Single Injector Mounting Block with the fuel rail covering the Injector

Triple Injector mounting block for EFI controllers that require the number of injectors to match the number of cylinders.

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