Building a Classic Roadsters Duchess MG TD Replica


I built this car as a demonstrator in an attempt to create a kit car assembly business. Here are some photos from a tour of the Classic Roadsters Factory in Fargo, ND.


The Chevette parts car:


Chevette engine

Bringing the parts home


Spare room filled with car parts

Test fitting the body panels

More test fitting

The Chevette engine and transmission removed from the car

Ready to begin the build

The chassis with engine and suspension

Front view of the chassis

Rear view of the chassis

The finished engine compartment. I managed to fit all of the smog stuff in.

The interior. It looked nice but it was not very comfortable.

The assembled car still on steel wheels

It took a lot of work to achieve this level of panel fit.

The completed car on wire wheels

Front 3/4 view


With side curtains



It turned out that the kit car market was looking for immense "classic" shapes and did not care about power to weight ratios. I built the smallest, lightest kit trying to make a sports car instead of a fashion statement. The moral of this story is never build what you think someone else wants. Build what you want. Then it is more likely that someone else of similar tastes will want it also.

The Duchess lined up with other kit cars at a Kit Car Seminar in Littleton, CO in 1984.

This VW powered FiberFab MG TD replica was the only other customer car I built.


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